• If you let one hundred kids run towards one direction, there’s only one winner.
    Yet, if you let them run towards where each of them wants to, everyone can be a winner.
    “The Birth of Youth” by Uh-ryung Lee
  • With Wise Mentor,
    explore your bright future through knowing yourself,
    setting your significant goals, and realizing them.

Wise Mentor

explore your bright future through knowing yourself, setting your significant goals, and realizing them.

About Wise Mentor

Our world today is defined by rapid, radical change. As technology and information continue to advance at an accelerating rate, those seeking bright futures must approach learning as an essential, everyday habit.

It’s an exciting time for younger generations, who face more possibilities than ever before. Yet amidst countless options, it’s easy for students to lose themselves in the process. Trend-chasing is not the answer: by deeply examining one’s self—and truly understanding one’s own tendencies, passions, and abilities—we can find the confidence to pursue our own pathways toward talent and success.

Enter Wise Mentor, a unique program for students to define and achieve their own unique goals for their future lives and careers. Through a combination of self-assessments and counselor-led exercises, students are led to discover themselves and pursue their dreams like never before.

From defining short-term goals to setting forth on one’s lifelong vision, our methodical system is something your children will find life-changing.

Core Feature

Why Wise Mentor

YOLO, Do not REGRET!!! We are here

Issues that we face today,

  • 44%

    % of Youth in Vietnam overall work force

  • 2.29%

    Unemployment Rate of Vietnam today

  • 7.29%

    Unemployment rate of youth in Vietnam

  • 3X

    Youth Unemployment Rate is 3 times avg

  • 60%

    Work in unrelated field from their college major


that youth have today

Who am I ?

What will be ?

Am i doing it right ?

Motivation ?

Do I have goal ?

What do i do now ?

What do I do now ?


that Wise Mentor can bring to overcome the issues & concerns

Wise Mentor help you to become confidence & believe in yourself by



Wise Mengtor is honored to get a patent

Wise Mentor is a methodology developed by Wise Mentor, along with universities, from all the data collected from all undergraduate students studying using the analysis. science, psychological testing, which makes it possible for all students to choose the one that best suits their needs.


go Global

Wise Mentor is a market pioneer who pioneered the new market of scientific career aptitude education as a pioneer in the newly formed market with various intellectual property and business competence related to career aptitude.

Based on experience from our current business in Korea, Vietnam and China , we will improve our product and business and seek to expand our knowledge world-wide. Wise Mentor will commit to our mission, which is to guide our mentees for better future.


Based on vast amount of experience and data earned from career aptitude programs, Wise Mentor will deliver supportive analysis to government & education industry to make meticulous predictions and trajectory for better future of our young society. Wise Mentor seeks to complete its mission by dedicating to build a strong foundation for all our mentees to be well prepared for industry 4.0 generation.